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User ID

Please to get userid.
19 Jun, 2013New website, thanks Giacinto.
App 1.15.3Support new mod rarity.
Key Plugin 0.1.5Merge changes from Philipp and Dennis.
App 1.15.2Misc crash fix
App 1.15.1Update to Ingress 1.18.1.
App 1.15Android 3.2 Support. Screen rotation fix.
App 1.14Support for virus. Thanks Jarvis.
App 1.13.1Use 1.26.1 protocol.
App 1.13Use 1.26 protocol.
App 1.12Fix android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException.
App 1.11Auto reauthenication. No more strange error prompts (I hope).
App 1.10.0UI Tweak. Auto check for update version.
08 May, 2013(Server Side) Fix portal key caching.
App 1.9.1Fix crash on GALAXY S III LTE.
App 1.9Invalidate auth cache when auth fail. Should fix the java.lang.NullPointerException: println needs a message problem.
App 1.8.2Alternative error reporting. Try to debug problem.
App 1.8.1Fix ProGuard
App 1.8Use 1.25.2 protocol. Show NPE error, still debugging, hope this fix it.
App 1.7BugSense crash report to track some crash problem.
App 1.6Use 1.25.1 protocol.
  • Upload/check item history on server [PLANNED];
  • Show UserID on app;
  • Integrate with IITC sync plugin [HELP NEEDED];
  • Upload to Google Drive [POSSIBLE, NOT PLANNED];
  • Hook into Portals List Plugin [IMPOSSIBLE];
  1. Install IITC;
  2. Install IITC Plugin;
  3. Click "Load Keys" in the toolbox (scroll to the bottom of portal detail page);
  4. Enter your numerical userid (login to get it). You may enter multiple userid using comma as seperator;
  5. Wait for magic :)
Active IIC Plugin

For those pool soul in China, add this to smarthost: